USB to USB Direct Network Link - USB 2.0 specifications

USB to USB Direct Netlink Bridge Cable Screen shots

screenshot local and remote view

screenshot files transfered
The screen shot above is what the interface between PC's looks like. A Windows Exporer type of feel, the local and remote PC's are shown in separate windows including any additional drives connected to either PC or notebook. All this from a driverless USB 2.0 device. In this screen shot a file transfer has taken place from in this case a laptop to a PC. All file were transfered successfully without error. The automatically installed software has a safety feature in. The safety feature is a read only attribute that can be set on one or both systems while the software is running.

File transfer progress bar

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To the left is a screen shot of the file transfer in progress using the USB to USB direct net link bridge cable. This was a drag and drop procedure from local to remote machine. Click here for a short video of the file transfer in progress. Your Windows Media Player or default .AVI player will execute to show this clip.

Testing information on USB to USB Direct NetLink Cable

In testing the USB to USB Direct NetLink Cable We found that the driverless install was a great plus in that it allowed us to connect to the USB port and start transfering or copying fles. An 8.2 GB file transfer was performed using USB 2.0 transfer rate of 480 Mbps. The transfer took approximately 15 min. to USB to USB transfer visualcomplete. Depending upon which PC or laptop is doing the transfering of files (remote or local machine) an active visual starts in the tool bar, the arrows indicating transfer activity animate themselves until the trans fer is complete. To see the visual representation of this action, click here for a short video. Your default video player will activate. For USB to USB setups using the USB Direct NetLink Cable click here.

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USB to USB Direct Network Link Cable
USB to USB Direct NetLink Cable
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