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Internal to External eSATA 4 Port PCI Bracket

Internal to External eSATA 4 Port PCI Bracket

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Barcode: 729440625429
Part Number: SS-4PCI-ES
Warranty: One Year
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Product Description

PCI 4 port SATA adapter. Connect your internal host card to external devices. Four internal latching sata connections attached directly to 4 external eSATA II connections. You can use 12 inch straight SATA cables listed below to connect the SATAPort to the host card. Use Shielded External cables with Type I eSATA connectors on the SATA Port end. This adapter is basically just 4 pairs of back to back connectors and will support SATAI and SATAII throughputs.

Internal to External eSATA 4 Port PCI Bracket

Internal to External eSATA 4 Port PCI Bracket  - Image A

Product Rating: ★★★★★100 based on 10 reviews

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Works as expected at SATA-III speeds, solid build quality, and 4-ports is useful considering the number of SATA ports motherboards have these days. Not much to say, kinda hard to get a SATA->eSATA adapter wrong but I'm amazed at how long it took me to sift through the vendor junk on Amazon before finding this one. -Matt
M. Dillon
December 21, 2016
It works as advertised. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to use eSata HDD docking station.
December 12, 2016
This was just what I needed to run four ports from an internal SATA host to where I could connect them to external devices, and it only took one slot (so many others only have two ports on a single backplane). The iSATA connectors are even properly shrouded, so locking cables can hold on better, making the connections more reliable.
April 27, 2016
Works exactly as it should! Beware of exceeding SATA cable ength spec when you combine internal and external sata cables. So shorter is better.
Jake Hegnauer
March 13, 2016