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poe tester

What is PoE?

PoE technology has been available for the last 15 years and has greatly improved in power capacity just this year.

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usb type-c cable

What is USB Type-C?

USB Type C is the best version of USB transfer hardware to date - and it's only going to get better from here. So what is a USB C, exactly?

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usb 3.1 gen 2

What is USB 3.1 Gen 2?

As you may well know, the USB has upgraded yet again.This upgrade comes under the name of the USB 3.1 Gen 2.

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usb accessories

10 Incredibly Useful USB Accessories You Can Buy

Look no further than a computer or a wall charger, and you're likely to find one or more USB ports. We're willing to bet that you heavily rely on USB.

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usb type-c cables guide

Your Complete Guide to USB Type C Cables

What's so special about this port? Well, since it's much faster compared to standard ports, it can do a lot more things.

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know everything about usb type-c

Knowing Everything About USB Type-C

USB-C is a type of connector that allows people to power their external devices and exchange data between them.

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choosing an industrial usb hub

Tips For Choosing an Industrial USB Hub

USB hubs are great for those who're looking to plug in many things at once. Industrial-grade hubs are even better.

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choosing a usb charger

Let's Talk USB Chargers: Pick the Right One for Your Needs

If you have many devices, you might run out of outlets to use if you use individual chargers. The simple solution is to use a multi-port USB charger.

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selecting a serial adapter

Guide to Selecting a USB to Serial Adapter

USB to serial adapters can be a hard choice, dealing with different protocols RS232, RS422, and RS485 along with the application of your communication.

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serial rs-232 adapter

What is RS232?

Before the dawn of USB, there was RS, or Recommended Standard 232. It came about in the very beginnings of data exchange.

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serial rs-422

What is RS422?

RS422 cable provides faster data transmission with up to 500 feet between devices. Slowing down data speed gives you a range of up to 4000 feet.

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serial rs-485

What is RS485?

RS 485 is used in today's PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and can communicate with other industry standards such as USB.

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guide to usb cable types

Your Essential Guide to USB Cable Types

Just about every computer, phone, tablet, and peripheral device includes some kind of USB port. Keeping up with differing standards is a challenge.

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using usb chargers and charging cables

Using USB Chargers and Charging Cables

USB charging stations are a great way to assure that the correct electrical current is charging your device whether it’s a cameras, phones or tablets.

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usb 3.0 powered mini and micro hubs

USB 3.0, Powered, Mini, & Micro Hubs

Why would you use a powered USB hub? What purpose does it serve? Let's look at the applications for different types of hubs.

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usb 3.0 cable type-c

USB 3.0 cable technology - Introduction to USB Type-C

USB 3.0 enables a 5Gbps data transfer speed in a cable, hub or other accessory and device designed with the super-speed specification in mind.

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usb hub | usb groth hormore | usb hub article

USB Hub | USB Growth Hormone | USB Hub Article

USB standard has grown tremendously in a short time, from data transfers of only 12Mbps to an incredible 5Gbps and soon 10Gbps with USB 3.1.

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ttl adapter | usb to ttl | ttl voltage serial connection

TTL Adapter | USB to TTL | TTL Voltage Serial Connection

TTL circuitry, since the early 1960’s has been widely used in integrated circuit designs in computers, industrial controls and other consumer electronics.

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serial communication protocols

USB/Serial Communication Protocols | RS232 Adapters

USB to serial information article explaining the fundamental differences between RS232, RS422, and RS485 serial protocols.

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rs-232 serial signal differences

RS-232 Serial Signal Differences

In this article, learn the in-depth differences between the three standard serial signals – RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485.

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rs-485 basic serial pinout diagram

RS-485 Basic Serial Pinout Diagram

RS-485 is used for its multi-port specification but is not necessary in certain applications. Full and half duplex wiring diagrams can be seen here.

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usb switch

USB Switch - A USB switcher for computer and device

A USB switch is a device that allows a USB printer, scanner, or other device to be shared between two separate computers.

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usb isolation

USB to ISO Information - USB to Galvanic Isolation Adapters

The USB to ISO device is connected between multiple circuits that must allow communication even if the ground and potential may be different.

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usb devices with macbook

How to Use USB Devices with Your New MacBook

To the surprise and frustration of many MacBook users, Apple began to remove USB ports from their devices within the past year.

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usb data transfer cable

A Simple Guide on How to Use a USB Data Transfer Cable

In the modern day, we use data transfer cable that makes moving and copying files a snap. The leading type of cable is the USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable.

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choose the best usb wireless adapter

How to Choose the Best USB Wireless Adapter

With the right USB wireless adapter, you can live, work, and play online faster and more reliably. Find the perfect USB wireless adapter for your situation.

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usbgear launches a featured products section

USBGear Launches a Featured Products Section

USBGear has been in business since 1997 building its inventory, knowledge, and support for its products.

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