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USB Sharing

USBGear offers many ways of sharing USB devices and computers through a USB interface. This USB sharing enables printers, scanners, and even networked machines to share data or equipment as needed. USB ab switches, USB over IP device servers, and USB sharing hubs are some of what USBGear offers so you have the right tool for the right job.

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Ultra USB 2.0 Mini Switch 2-Port A/B Manual Switch for Two Computers

In Stock & ready to ship.
This mini switch offers a simple USB 2.0 high speed 480Mbps solution for users to connect two computers to a single USB device. This is the perfect USB switch for use with notebooks or computers to connect a printer, scanner, or digital camera.
Part# USBG-MS200
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Ultra 2-Port USB 2.0 A/B Manual Mini Switch with Two 6ft.Cables

In Stock & ready to ship.
Premium mini switch for USB 2.0 peripheral sharing, this 2 to 1 high speed USB switch enables two PCs or Macs to share one USB device directly or through a USB hub where all devices can be shared. This is a simple 2 port switch solution for peripheral sharing.
Part# USBG-MS201
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Manual USB 3.0 2-Port AB Switch

In Stock & ready to ship.
The USB 3.0 AB switch enables two computers to share any USB device connected to it. The USB 3.0 switch works with any USB device (printers, scanners, external hard drives, flash drives) and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices and computers as well. It uses bright LED lights indicate which computer your device is connected to.
Part# USBG-MS302
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4-Port USB 2.0 Sharing Switch - Use 4 computers to 1 device

In Stock & ready to ship.
Share 1 USB device such as your USB printer or scanner with up to 4 computers, Easy to set up and use, the USB sharing switch uses a small icon in the system tray for switching. The USB 2.0 compatible switch offers a smart way to save time and effort in the office.
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2-Port USB 2.0 Sharing Switch - Auto Switch 2 PC's to 1 device

Limited stock, 6 available.
Share 1 USB device with two computers, save time with this USB 2 port sharing switch allowing two computers to share a printer or scanner without having to go through the hot-plug process. Easy sharing software enables easy switching via a small icon in the system tray.