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USB Isolator

High speed USB to iso peripherals devices supporting up to 3000 VDC (2121 Vrms) for many applications. Build your protective isolation barriers with the right USB isolator to reduce noise and protect against harmful voltages and ESD. The USB to ISO adapters vary to include screw lock mechanisms and mounting options and are suitable for industrial use applications.

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USB Isolator 3000 Vrms Rugged Metal Chassis

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The USBG-ISO-M is a rugged, industrial-grade full / low speed USB isolator that provides high-voltage 3 kV isolation to protect the host computer and expensive USB equipment connected.
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USB Isolator ADuM4160 Inside up to 5000V DC Isolation and Protection

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Medical and Industrial Application USB to USB Isolator up to Full Speed 12Mbps USB Isolator protects your PC or Laptop while connecting USB peripherals which is wired to high voltages.
Part# USBG-M4160
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USB to USB Isolator ADuM4160 Inside Extender up to 150ft. Cat6

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Medical and Industrial Application USB to USB Isolator up to Full Speed 12Mbps USB 1.1 Extender with 5000V DC Isolator This product can help remove the distance barrier between your PC and USB-enabled peripheral devices which are located at a distance over 50 meters away.
Part# USBG-M4160EXT
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USB 2.0 High Speed Isolator Adapter and Screw Lock Cable

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The only USB 2.0 Isolator Adapter with 480Mbps data rate! Developed by CoolGear, the only true high-speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 Isolator adapter currently in the market! This isolator was designed to use USB 2.0 compliance.