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Serial Adapters

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RS-232 LED link Tester DB-9 Male to DB-9 Female

In Stock & ready to ship.
RS-232 LED link Tester DB-9 Male to DB-9 Female, test your Serial RS-232 signals and make sure your COM ports are working properly and is sending and receiving properly.
Part# DB9-TERS
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DB9 F/F MINI Gender Changer

Limited stock, 2 available.
Converts a DB9-pin female to a DB9-pin female. For serial applications. Space is a commodity when it comes to today's computers. Get the full benefits of a gender changer at a fraction of the space needed with our Low-Profile Gender Changers.
Part# DB9FFA
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DB9 M/F MINI Gender Changer

In Stock & ready to ship.
DB-9 male to female gender changer converts a DB9-pin Male to a DB9-pin female for serial applications. Conserves space with a low profile connection on either end.
Part# DB9MFA
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DB9 M/M MINI Gender Changer

In Stock & ready to ship.
DB9 male to male mini gender changer converts a DB-9 pin male to a DB-9 pin male connection for serial applications, the low profile gender changer conserves space when used between serial connections.
Part# DB9MMA
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Micro Active Serial Adapter RS-232 to RS-422/485 Supports 2 or 4 Wire RS485 Modes

Limited stock, please call or email for status.
Convertes RS232 signal to RS422 or RS 485 Supports RS422,RS485 2-Wire and 4 Wire Modes DB9 Female to TB6 Screw type terminal block supports RS485 auto transceiver turn around with unique Featured ATTATM.
Part# iSerial-RS422
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RS232- DB9 to Terminal Block 5 Pin Passive Adapter (Micro Sized)

In Stock & ready to ship.
DB-9 Female input provides screw type terminal block for TX+, TX-, RX+, RX-, GND very small portable Adapter, the DB9 to terminal micro sized iSerial-TB5 is a passive micro DB9-Female to 5-pin terminal block.
Part# iSerial-TB5
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Industrial Quality RS232 to RS422/485 Converts RS232 to/from RS422/485

Limited stock, please call or email for status.
Converts RS232 to RS422/485 and back again with automatic receive and transmit control and is Din Rail mountable, internal termination and BIAS controlled by software.
Part# SER-485-PRO
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RS-232 to RS-485 Converter

Limited stock, 3 available.
This RS232 to RS485 converter is compatible with the RS232C and RS485 standard. It is able to convert RS232 signals to RS485 balanced differential signals and extend the communication distance to 1.2 km.
Part# US-485C
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DB9 to Terminal Block 5 Pin Passive Adapter

In Stock & ready to ship.
Passive DB9 Connect to 5-Pin Terminal Converter, The US-485TBP is a serial DB9 to Terminal signal converter from RS232 to a RS485 interface designed for PC, Workstation, Thin Client or.
Part# US-485TBP
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RS232 Serial to RS422/485 w/2000V DC Optical Isolation and Surge

Limited stock, 1 available.
Convert RS232 to RS422 or RS485 with this serial converter using the male and female DB9 connector. Mount the converter on flat surfaces or DIN Rail.
Part# SER-COMi-Si-M
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RS232 to RS422/485 Serial Converter with Switching Power Adapter

Limited stock, 4 available.
Serial RS232 to RS422 and RS485 converter with LED indicator for power and serial signals, full versatility is controlled by a built- in software configuration menu, which is accessed via terminal programs. RS422 with hardware handshake RS485 by ART (automatic receive and transmit).
Part# SER-COMi-M