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USB Type-C 2.0 Cables

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USB 2.0 Type-C Male to 2.0 Mini-B Male 36 inch USB Cable

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High Speed USB Type-C Male to USB Mini-B cable is a 36 inch USB 2.0 specifications cable that incorporates the new Type-C connector allowing the user to reverse the way it is connected. Taking the guess work out of the way in which you connect to your USB port.
Part# CM-U2CM2MBM-1M
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3FT USB 2.0 Type-C Male to Type-A Male USB Cable

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New technology Type-C connector specification allows for the connection to a Type-C port from a Type-A port. The cables reversible Type-C connector make it easier to connect to the device or host port that is not easily seen while connecting.
Part# CM-U2CMAM-1M
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18 inch USB 2.0 Type-C Male to Micro-B Male USB Cable

In Stock & ready to ship.
Type-C to USB 2.0 Micro-B 18 inch device cable, continue to use your USB 2.0 devices such as GPS, mobile phone, or tablets with a Type-C to USB 2.0 Micro-B, the High Speed data transfer is the same, the connections are not!
Part# CM-U2CMMBM-18