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USB Type-C Power Delivery

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USB 3.1 Type-C to C Passive E-Marker Cable VL150 Chip 5Gbps 60W

Limited stock, please call or email for status.
USB-C Power Delivery with eMarker charge and supply power to mobile devices, laptops and notebooks that require 60W or more power to function. This USB-C to C cable can be used with wall, car, or other USB-C port device supplying initial power. Supports 60W power delivery to laptop or notebook computers and other USB-C devices.
Part# GM-EC150UC-3FT
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USB 3.1 Type C to Type C 3A 60 Watts 1 Meter PD Cable for Laptop, Game Console, Cell Phone, and More

In Stock & ready to ship.
USB Type-C to C power delivery cable for USB-C devices requiring a power delivery method through USB Type C ports including new technology laptops, game consoles, cell phones.
Part# CM-CC1M3A
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USB-C Male to C Male 1FT PD Cable Gen1 5Gbps Data 3A Power

Limited stock, 7 available.
Gearmo's 1ft. USB-C male to USB-C male cable is meant for short, close connections from you desktop or laptop USB Type-C ports. It transfers up to 5Gbps of data and up to 3A of power to USB-C devices.
Part# GM-C2C5GB-1FT