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USB to CAN Bus Adapters for Automotive Applications

USB to CAN bus or "Controller Area Network" adapters were developed in 1983 and introduced in 1986 benefit automotive application. Connect to your system modules to gain more a efficiant operation throughout your vehicle. CAN bus technology can be applied to a single central system for more accurate troubleshooting and diagnostics for module failures.

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Single Port USB to CAN Bus 3FT Adapter Support Windows 10

If you’re an engineer and involved in vehicle design, industrial automation, or other micro-chip related industry, we have an adapter for you. The 1 port CAN Bus adapter does not need external power running from the computer’s USB port. It has an onboard firmware update utility and other features that can help in your design.
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1 Port Serial RS232 to CAN Bus Adapter with Metal Case

The Serial RS-232 CAN Bus adapter connects to your computer’s DB-9 serial port to create the CAN Bus protocol. It includes a 12V power adapter that can be plugged into the wall for power and is mountable to flat surfaces.
Part# CG-1P232CAN
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USB to CAN Bus Adapter with Galvanic Isolation in Metal Case

If you’re using CAN Bus, this USB to CAN Bus adapter is for you. Built small for single port operations, this CAN Bus adapter employs galvanic isolation to catch stay signal noise produced by current. Operates with a DB9 and USB Type-B connector, no additional power source is needed.
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1 Port USB to CAN Bus 1Mbps Speed w/Metal Case

This USB to Controller Area Network device (CAN) adapter installs and is automatically recognized by your operating system. It has +/- 16kV ESD protection for all signals and supports CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B. No external power is needed to run your CAN applications as the device runs from USB bus power.
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