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USB ISO devices or as they are called in industry, USB Isolation adapters are devices that isolate sections of current flow so that direct conduction flowing paths are not permitted but still allow for communication through other means such as induction, electromagnetic waves, or capacitance to name a few.

USB to Galvanic IsolationUSB ISO adapter with true USB 2.0 specifications

USBGear is supplying The CoolGear USB Isolator which uses Galvanic Isolation. The USB to ISO device is connected between two or more electrical circuits that must allow communication even if the ground and potential may be different; this is where using Galvanic Isolation plays its part.


As an example in the use of the USB ISO device, let’s say you are a musician using a sound both or an instrument such as a high end MIDI keyboard and need protection from noise and possible voltage spikes, but you also need to transmit data from the device to your computer as you are playing your score.

The isolator allows the communication to happen through its connection from the PC or laptop to the device while isolating the circuit connections preventing any unwanted current, this unwanted current would be noise that is reduced.

Other uses and industries include: Expensive equipment that build, produce, or read in some way such as 3-D Printers, Robotics, HI-FI Audio, Kiosk Stations, CNC Machines, Medical Devices and more can benefit from this isolator where voltage spikes may occur during use and damage devices.

Types of USB IUSB ISO extender adapter, breaks USB distance barriersolators

There a various types of USB ISO adapters with different isolation parameters pertaining to V DC, and Vrms or which USB specifications is used. Our featured USB Isolator is compliant with USB 2.0 and is the first USB Isolator to truly support the specification with 480Mbps of data transfer, read more information on this isolation adapter. Most USB to isolation devices are able to support full speed USB at best with 12Mbps data movement.

Included in the types of isolators are extenders and industrial mountable isolators, these types of isolators are generally USB to USB ISO with full speed USB 1.1 capability of 12Mbps and up to 5000V DC, the isolation extenders help to remove the distance barrier between PC and peripheral devices via cat5 cabling. The mountable isolators are built for industrial use with metal chassis and provide up to 3kV isolation.

Features to look for with USB Isolation Adapters

  • USB Specification
  • VDC Isolation value (example: 3000VDC)
  • Vrms value (example: 2121 Vrms)
  • Power (self-power or Bus-power)
  • Chipset used in manufacturing (example: Silanna)
  • Power consumption