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From personal comfort to better efficiency, here are the most useful USB accessories that could completely change your life.

USB is the most popular form of electronic connection interfaces on the face of the planet.

Look no further than a computer or a wall charger, and you're likely to find one or more USB ports. As a matter of fact, we're willing to bet that you rely on USB in some way shape or form every day! 

For the majority of us, we use USB to connect common peripherals like mice and keyboards to our computers and leverage them to charge our mobile devices. 

The truth is though that there are millions of more fringe USB accessories that can help you get even more value out of this connector type.

To show you what we're talking about, below, our team has compiled a list of useful and fun USB accessories you should try!

1. USB Hubs

Perhaps the most useful accessory you can plug into your USB outlet are USB hubs which multiply the number of USB sockets you have available.

Many hubs can add 8 or more USB connections to your setup!

It's important to note that the more devices you have plugged into your USB hub, the less power each outlet will output. If you have USB devices that require a lot of power, you may want to plug it into its own, non-extended outlet.

2. Mini Fridge

There's nothing like cracking open an ice cold soda during your lunch break. Not only does it taste great but it gives you that necessary sugar rush you need to push you through the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, though, a ton of offices don't have refrigerators you can use. If that's the case for your place of work, you're going to need to drink your soda warm...

That is unless you have USB accessories that can cool your food and beverages like a USB mini fridge!

USB refrigerators cool well, can be bought anywhere, and are big enough to store a coke and a small sandwich.

3. Mug Warmer

Sometimes you're more focused on heating things up than you are on cooling them down. To be specific, you want to make sure your coffee stays hot throughout the morning.

If you suffer from your coffee getting cold too fast while it's on your desk, a USB mug warmer is a perfect item to pick up on our USB accessories list.

USB mug warmers are easy to use and work perfectly on glass, ceramic or stainless steel mugs.

4. Desk Vacuum

Take a look at your keyboard. Does it have all kinds of gross stuff inside of it?

How about your desk speakers. Are they caked with dust?

If so, among the top USB accessories you're going to want to put on your shopping list is a USB desk vacuum. USB desk vacuums suction extraordinarily well given the low power they use.

They are the perfect companion when it comes to keeping your electronics clean and working their best!

5. Paper Shredder

Data breaches cost businesses 3.9 million dollars in damages on average. A lot of breaches come from improperly disposing of sensitive data.

Don't be the next victim.

Invest in a USB paper shredder which makes shredding passwords, pin numbers, and more simple from your desk.

6. Heated Gloves

For some, cold office buildings can cause physical hand pain when typing at their desk.

To counteract the pains of a cold office cube, pick up USB heated gloves.

These gloves slip on easy, come up to your knuckles so your fingers have the flexibility they need to work and will keep your hands toasty on even the coldest of mornings!

7. Fragrance Emitter

At home, you use a wall outlet fragrance emitter to keep things smelling fresh. What can you use in an office cube though where outlet space is at a premium?

You can use a USB fragrance emitter!

USB fragrance emitters work exactly like wall emitters except they're powered via your computer's USB outlet. Armed with a USB fragrance emitter, you can keep your cube smelling fresh without needing to deal with that tangle of cords under your office desk!

8. Desk Fan

The same employers that skimp on heating during the winter skimp on cooling during the summer. To keep yourself from losing half of your body weight to excessive sweating, invest in a USB desk fan. 

Desk fans are among the most popular USB accessories and for a good reason... They work really well. 

Desk fans that are USB powered can be found online or at just about any electronics store making them among the easiest USB accessories you can pick up.

9. Beta Fish Aquarium

Beta fish are famous for their lone-wolf nature. If you try to socialize them with other Beta's they'll literally rip each other to pieces.

If you want a beta fish to be the mascot for your work desk but don't have space for a full-on aquarium, opt for a USB powered tank! USB aquariums are completely self-sufficient in that USB power not only fuels a light for the tank but also powers a filtration system.

As an added bonus, many USB powered aquariums come with built-in digital calendars, clocks, and even pen holders.

10. Car Power Adapter

If you're in your car a lot and your car doesn't have built-in USB ports, you can save yourself from having to deal with a dead phone by getting a car power adapter.

Most cars that are void of USB outlets have circular power sockets.

With a car power adapter, you can convert any circular outlet into a much more functional USB outlet in seconds!

Wrapping Up Useful USB Accessories You Can Buy Today

Whether you're looking to stay warm while working or you're looking to keep your data safe, there is no shortage of useful and fun USB accessories that can help you get the job done! 

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