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PCI slot expansion box for PCI and PCIe bus applications

Expand your current PCI slot with a PCI expansion box, connects to your computer’s PCIe slot through a DVI like connection. PCI expansion allows you to maximize the use of your computer’s I/O to run additional applications that require the PCI bus.

PCIe to PCIx4 Expansion Box MX with Internal Power Supply
Take advantage of the system PCI slot with this expansion box, it presents an opportunity to expand PCI/PCIe resources by combining it with a PCIe Host Adapter, an ExperssCard Host Adapter or even a PCI Host Adapter. The PCI slot enclosure is a scalable high-speed serial I/O bus that provides PCI bus expansion for point-to-point connections.
Part No. CG-PCIePCIx4IPS | View Details
PCIe to PCIx4 Expansion Box MS with Internal Power Supply
A slightly smaller PCI slot enclosure than the CG-PCIePCIx4IPS, the CG-PCIX4IPS PCI Express to four PCI Slot expansion box is specifically designed to expand 4 extra PCI slots from the PCI Express Slot. The PCI expansion box includes a Built-in 220-Watt internal power supply to power the PCI card operation and applications.
Part No. CG-PCIX4IPS | View Details
PCIe to PCIx2 and PCIex2 Slot Expansion Box
The simplest way to expand your system's PCIe/PCI bus functionality is built right into this Expansion Enclosure (box). Easy to install, small enough to be portable, and the right add-on to expand PCIe capabilities.
Part No. CGS-PCI2PCIe2 | View Details
PCIe to 4x PCI slot Expansion Box
The PCI 4 slot expansion box makes it possible to expand your systems PCI slot availability by adding 4 additional slots. Very easy to install and connect, the PCIe to PCI X4 is the right add-on peripheral for your Desktop or Workstation needs.
Part No. CG-PCIePCIX4 | View Details
34mm Express Card to PCI X2 Slot Expansion Box
PCI Expansion Box is a simple easy way to add a PCI or PCIe bus to your notebook system. This convenient PCI expansion Box for PCI/PCIe applications uses a notebook computer's 34mm ExpressCard slot and 12VDC power adapter to expand the usability of your notebook. It supports 1-lane 2.5Gb/s ExpressCard Data Transfer Rate.
Part No. CG-34EXPCI22 | View Details
1 Port PCI-e to 4 X PCI Expansion Enclosure
1 Port PCI-e to 4 X PCI Expansion Enclosure is specially designed to expand 4 extra PCI slots from a PCI Express Slot. The "no latency" bandwidth is 2000Mpbs allowing you to run variety of external cards, even PCI-X graphics cards.
Part No. CGS-1PCIe4X | View Details