USB Infrared Adapter USB IRDA $29.95

USB to RS-485 Adapter W/Terminal Block Changer FTDI chip inside

USB to RS-485 Adapter W/Terminal Block Changer FTDI chip inside

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Manufacturer: USBGEAR
Barcode: USB-RS485-AT
Part Number: USB-RS485-AT
Warranty: ONE YEAR
In Stock: Yes
Ship Weight: 1 lbs.
Size: 3ft
Condition: New

Item Works with MAC Operating System OS 9.1 or Higher
Item Works with Windows ME Item Works with Windows 2000

Our Price: $22.98
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96 or more: $18.66
312 or more: $16.99
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Product Description

Professional grade USB to RS485 Converter optimized for Windows 7/8/10 and Server 2003/2008. High-Speed and  Interface compliance,USB1.1,2.0,3.0, EIA/TIA RS-485 USB

USB to RS-485 Adapter W/Terminal Block Changer
USB to RS-485 adapter provides an extra Serial Com port via USB connection and can be configured to work with RS-485 peripherals such as POS and Industrial Control devices. USB Plug and Play feature supports an easy serial port expansion and requires no IRQ, DMA, or I/O port resources. 
USB adapter features a full set of RS-485 data and control signals on its DB-9 or terminal block Changer. It supports data transfer rates of up to 3M Baud. No external power supply is required as USB adapter takes its power from the USB bus.

  • Full compliance with the USB Specification 2.0 & 1.1
  • Support 256 Node on the network
  • ±15kV HBM ESD Protected
  • Data transfer rates 300 to 3M Baud.
  • Supports remote wake-up and power management
  • Compatible Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 and higher, Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2008R2 , Win CE and Mac OS 8.6 , Linux 1.5.0 and higher. 
  • Changer adapter from DB-9F to 5 Pin Terminal block

Model No.    UTS-485X + DT485C    Pin Assignment
Chip    FTDI    Pin No.    DB-9(M+F)    Pin No.    Terminal Block
Data Transfer Rates    3M Baud    1    B-    1    A+
Power Consumption    56mA    2    B+    2    B-
LED    3    3    Non    3    G

  • Operating Temp:    0 °C ~ 40 °C    4    Non    4    120Ω
  • Storage Temp:    -20 °C ~ 60 °C    5    GND    5    
  • Humidity:    0~80% RH, Non-condensing    6    120Ω    
  • Compliant:    USB spec. 2.0 / 1.1    7        
  • Interface:    RS-485    8    Non
  • Connector:    Host    USB Type A Male    9    Non    
  • Device:    DB-9M / DB-9F to Terminal Block    
  • Power Mode:    Bus    
  • Housing:    Plastic    


Important Technical Information:
Windows 7/8 and Vista FTDI Chip Certified USB to Serial Adapter! 12" USB Serial RS-232 Cable for NoteBook/Laptop Users Great FTDI CHip USB to RS-232 Adaptor for GPS/PDA/POS/Modem/Etc.

USB to RS-485 Adapter W/Terminal Block Changer FTDI chip inside

USB to RS-485 Adapter W/Terminal Block Changer FTDI chip inside - Image A
USB to RS-485 Adapter W/Terminal Block Changer FTDI chip inside - Image B

Product Rating: ★★★★★ based on 3 reviews

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I used this to communicate to temperature controllers, I wired to the terminals and it worked, nice converter!
Tom Spangler Sr Engineer Williamsport Electric
February 5, 2018
Good deal
January 16, 2018
I purchased this to program modules used in commercial applications. Not having time to test it in advance I took it to a customer site hoping it would work. I plugged it in and inserted the disk that came with it. It seamlessly loaded the drivers and I was able to connect and finish my work. Suggestions to improve the product. Decrease the brightness of the power LED and change the color to GREEN. Increase the brightness of the TX and RX LEDs.
R Dale
August 30, 2017