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DB9 M/M MINI Gender Changer

Part # DB9MMA

DB9 male to male mini gender changer converts a DB-9 pin male to a DB-9 pin male connection for serial applications, the low profile gender changer conserves space when used between serial connections.


DB9 M/M MINI Gender Changer

Part # DB9MMA
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Converts a DB9-pin Male to a DB9-pin Male. For serial applications.

Space is a commodity when it comes to todays computers. Get the full benefits of a gender changer at a fraction of the space needed with our Low-Profile Gender Changers. Each will quickly and easily convert the gender of any  serial port. In addition, they can be used to splice together two existing cables. Save yourself the cost and hassle of having to buy a new cable for each new application by simply changing the gender of your existing port and using the very same cable.
Connectors: DB9-pin Male to DB9-pin Male
Use: Converts a DB9-pin male connection to a DB9-pin Male connection
Designed for: Serial applications
Low-profile design
 Product Specifications   
      Warranty:  Lifetime 
      Color:  Silver/Yellow 
      Mfr:  COOLGEAR      Weight:  0.03lbs 

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Manufacturer: CablemaxWarranty: Lifetime Availability: Available
Barcode: 045079158337Ship Weight: 0.14Condition: New
Part Number: DB9MMAColor: YellowLength/Size: --


Manufacturer: Cablemax
Barcode: 045079158337
Part Number: DB9MMA
Warranty: Lifetime
Ship Weight: 0.14
Color: Yellow
Availability: Available
Availability: In Stock
Condition: New

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