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RS-232 LED link Tester DB-9 Male to DB-9 Female

Part # DCEDTE-9

RS-232 LED link Tester DB-9 Male to DB-9 Female

RS-232 LED link Tester DB-9 Male to DB-9 Female

Part # DCEDTE-9
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Features & Specification

RS-232 DB-9 / DB25 Pin assignment No Power required
Standard RS-232 DTE & DCE Interface
With DB-9 / F & DB-9 / M Connectors
Easy to install , Plug & Play
Stander RS-232 Port
Fully compliant with RS-232 Spec.
With double colors LED appeared Easy cheek data transfer & receiver
Compact size
Fit display of RS-232 working
RS-232 DTE connecter : DB9 - M
RS-232 DCE connecter : DB9 - F
Data rate : Up to 200 K bps
With GND & Shell Test's LED
Single / TTL out 1 - LED appear Green (V-)
Single / TTL out 0 - LED appear Red (V+)
Housing : Plastic,
Weight : 55g
Dimensions (L*W*H) : 45 * 35 * 21 ( mm ) body

DB - 9 / DB25 Pin assignment Pin1 / Pin8 : DCD <== IN

Pin2 / Pin3 : RXD <== IN
Pin3 / Pin2 : TXD ==> OUT
Pin4 / Pin20 : DTR ==> OUT
Pin5 / Pin7 : GND
Pin6 / Pin6 : DSR <== IN
Pin7 / Pin4 : RTS ==> OUT
Pin8 / Pin5 : CTS <== IN
Pin9 / Pin22 : RI <== IN

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Manufacturer: CableMaxWarranty: --Availability: Available
Barcode: --Ship Weight: 1.00Condition: New
Part Number: DCEDTE-9Color: BlackLength/Size: --


Manufacturer: CableMax
Barcode: --
Part Number: DCEDTE-9
Warranty: --
Ship Weight: 1.00
Color: Black
Availability: Available
Availability: In Stock
Condition: New

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