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Firewire 800 1394b 9 to 4 Cable 6 ft. DV iLINK Camcorder Cable

Part # CBB-9406

Status: EOL - 185 Remaining

Firewire 800 1394b 9 to 4 Cable 6 ft. DV iLINK Camcorder Cable!

Firewire 800 1394b 9 to 4 Cable 6 ft. DV iLINK Camcorder Cable

Part # CBB-9406
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These cables work at FireWire 400 performance levels (up to 40 MBytes per Second) when connected to any 4-pin or 6-pin connected FireWire 400 device on either end of the cable.

9 pin to 4 pin Firewire Cable 6ft
Great Cable for All Laptop Users that have 4 pin DV port and need to connect standard 9 pin firewire devices or Cusotmers with 9 pin Firewire 1394b Computer ports that require 4 pin DV connection to their camera.

Experience the speed of FireWire! Foil and braid shield reduces EMI/RFI interference while 30 gauge signal wires ensure maximum signal integrity. Twisted-pair construction reduces cross talk and ensures highspeed, error-free data transfer at 400Mbps. IEEE 1394 compliant.

Additional Information

  • (Connectors: 9-pin to 4-pin)
  • IEEE 9-pin to 4-pin FireWire iLink
  • High Performance Universal I/O
  • Up to 400 Mbits / Sec and Beyond!

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Manufacturer: CablemaxWarranty: 1 YearAvailability: EOL - 185 Remaining
Barcode: 736983908902Ship Weight: 0.24Condition: New
Part Number: CBB-9406Color: BlackLength/Size: --
Connector 1: Connector 2: Wire Guage: /


Manufacturer: Cablemax
Barcode: 736983908902
Part Number: CBB-9406
Warranty: 1 Year
Ship Weight: 0.24
Color: Black
Availability: EOL - 185 Remaining
Condition: New
Conenctor 1:
Conenctor 2:
Wire Gauge: /

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