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Industrial 16-Port USB 2.0 Rack Mount Hub with Built-in Power Supply

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5 out of 5 stars
Need to power USB devices? This is what you need.

By: Griff  on 2019-07-29

It's near impossible to find a decent powered hub these days, so if you're looking for something that's able to provide a good deal of power, and not be just a charger, this is one of your limited options. It's fairly priced for what it is, a rack-mount, high-power USB device. It went into my rack with no issues, and was recognized by a Raspberry Pi right away. It's currently powering two cellular modems and some odds 'n ends. It has no trouble powering a high-current cellular device that other powered industrial hubs choke on when cold-started. The only complaint I have is that the "active" LEDs for the ports would be better in an area where you could see all of them at once, like a switch. I have this mounted at the top of a 6 foot rack, and it's difficult to see if the device inserted is recognized - but that's a "would be nice to have" and doesn't detract from the device itself.
Product Rating:
5 out of 5 stars
Good product!

By: PATRICIA   on 2017-01-06

We have not received the products yet but we have bought it before and we think is good, that´s why we bought 3 items more.