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20 inch SATA Data and Molex Power Cable

Part # SS-155MPSS

Status: EOL - 243 Remaining

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20 inch Serial ATA Data Cable with Power Adapter

20 inch SATA Data and Molex Power Cable

Part # SS-155MPSS
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SATA Power and Signal Combo Cable

Make your migration to Serial ATA easy and hassle-free with a combination data/power SATA cable from Cooldrives.com.

With data transfer speeds up to 150 MBytes/sec and a new and improved architecture, Serial ATA hard drives, CD-ROMs, CD-RWs, DVDs, and removable storage devices are quickly gaining popularity. This innovative cable provides you with the connections you need to get your SATA devices up and running.

Image Below Shows 20 inch Data and 6 inch power Combo SATA cable

Image Below Shows 6 inch Data and 6 inch power Combo SATA cable

The data segment of the cable uses the 7-pin SATA architecture to keep the cable ultra-thin, narrow, and flexible, giving you more room and better airflow inside your case. To power your drive, the SS-155MPSS features a convenient 15-pin SATA to 4-pin LP4(4 pin standard Molex Drive Power connector) adapter that lets you connect your SATA drive to your existing power supply.

SATA's keyed connectors prevent broken or bent pins and allow a firmly seated connection with minimal pressure. Applications and Solutions for use in servers and storage subsystems, ATA Drive Arrays, Mini tower computers, Compatible with all Serial ATA Hard Drives, Compatible with both 3.5" and 2.5" Serial ATA devices.

Fast and easy way to connect Serial ATA/150 hard drives to an internal power source. Features meet current Serial ATA specifications and ensures maximum performance and reliability. Serial ATA cable with power adapter offers 6 inches in cable length:

  • Two Versions Available:
  • SS-15MPSS 6inch Power Cable and 6-inch Data Cable All in one Molded 15-pin Plug
  • SS-155MPSS 6inch Power Cable and 20-inch Data Cable All in one Molded 15-pin Plug

(Great for most motherboard applications)
SATAGear® and CoolGear® products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for as long as they are owned by the original purchaser

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Manufacturer: CoolgearWarranty: 1 YearAvailability: EOL - 243 Remaining
Barcode: 736983903709Ship Weight: 0.06Condition: New
Part Number: SS-155MPSSColor: RedLength/Size: 20 inches
Connector 1: Connector 2: Wire Guage: /


Manufacturer: Coolgear
Barcode: 736983903709
Part Number: SS-155MPSS
Warranty: 1 Year
Ship Weight: 0.06
Color: Red
Availability: EOL - 243 Remaining
Condition: New
Conenctor 1:
Conenctor 2:
Wire Gauge: /

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