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SATA 2 PCI Express RAID Controller RAID 0/1/5

Part # SS-SA2R

Status: EOL - 29 Remaining

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SATA 2 PCI Express RAID Controller RAID 0/1/5

SATA 2 PCI Express RAID Controller RAID 0/1/5

Part # SS-SA2R
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  • SATA PCI-Express 2 Channel SATA II Host Adapter
  • RAID BIOS selectable via Dip Switch (RAID/NO-RAID)
  • NCQ and Port Multiplier Features Built-In The SS-SA2R is the most powerful Serial ATA II RAID controller to accommodate Serial ATA II hard drives with the new technology of RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1 (mirroring) and RAID 0+1, RAID 5 over Port Multipliers. Any system with a PCI Express interface can simply add the Serial ATA devices by simply adding the SS-SA2R RAID controller card and loading the drivers and utility into the system. Serial ATA is a high-speed serial link replacement for the parallel ATA attachment of mass storage devices. The serial link employed is a high-speed differential layer that utilizes gigabit technology and 8b/10b encoding. The current data rate is 1.5Gb/s (=150MB/s) and 3.0Gb/s. It will supports 6Gb/s in the future.

The SS-SA2R supports two serial ATA ports, it supports 2 serial ATA devices (one for each) or can connect more devices via Port Multipliers. It provides complete software driver and RAID KIT. It is the right choice for a PCI Express to Serial ATA versatile devices.


  • Supports 1-lane 2.5Gb/s PCI Express.
  • Onboard SiI3132 SATA2 Controller Chip.
  • Provides dual Serial ATA II Channels.
  • Supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1 and RAID 5 (over Port Multipliers).
  • Supports SATA2 transfer rate of 3.0Gb/s.
  • Supports Legacy Command Queuing (LCQ).
  • Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ).
  • Supports FIS-based switching with Port Multipliers.
  • Co-resides with Motherboard IDE and SATA devices.
  • ROM BIOS supports RAID setup and Boot Features.
  • Supports up to Hard Drives over 137GB.
  • Bundle Windows based RAID utilities for rebuilding array.


  • System: For 1-lane PCI Express Systems.
  • Serial ATA Ports: Two serial ATA ports which fully support devices.
  • Supports RAID 0 (performance) and RAID 1 (data security) features.
  • Supports RAID 0+1 and RAID 5 over Port Multipliers.
  • Onboard ROM BIOS Supports hard drives greater than 137GB.
  • Supports 2 Serial ATA devices with up to 3.0Gb/s rate (serial ATA Generation 2).
  • Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ).
  • Serial ATA Devices: Supports 2 Serial ATA devices - Hard drives, Removable HDD, and more coming ATAPI devices such as CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, Tape, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, PD.
  • I/O Hardware: Supports 1 internal 7-pin serial ATA connector and One external eSATA Connector.
  • Software: Bundled Powerful Software Driver and RAID KIT for major Operating Systems. OS Support: Windows 2000, XP, Windows Server 2003.
  • Form Factor: 5.08? x 2.50? (12.90cm x 6.35cm).

Silicon Image Does Not Provide Boot Capability for Their RAID 5 software. If you Need Raid 5 Please consider a true Hardware System, there is NO Cheap Solution for Raid 5. ANy Raid 5 card that is prices less than $500 is not a hardware Raid card (host adapter). Silicon Image RAID 5 is software based and is very limited, please read silicon image site for more information.

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Manufacturer: CoolgearWarranty: 1 YearAvailability: EOL - 29 Remaining
Barcode: 729440692063Ship Weight: 2.00Condition: New
Part Number: SS-SA2RColor: OrangeLength/Size: --


Manufacturer: Coolgear
Barcode: 729440692063
Part Number: SS-SA2R
Warranty: 1 Year
Ship Weight: 2.00
Color: Orange
Availability: EOL - 29 Remaining
Condition: New

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