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USB 2 Products

USB Adapters or A to B cables, USBGear offers many USB 2 products to fit your application requirements. From USB PCI card to the mini adapter, our products are to USB 2.0 specification working with Windows operating systems including Windows 10. We have all your USB adapter products.

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5-Port USB 2.0 High Speed PCI Interface Card

Limited stock, please call or email for status.
The PCI USB 2.0 card is a 5 port high-speed compliant interface that will connect backward compatible USB 1.1 devices to you PC or Mac. The 5 port USB card includes 4 external ports and 1 internal port to give data rates of 480Mbps.
Part# USBG-2-5-PCI
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30 Port USB 2.0 charging hub with 5V 60A power supply

Limited stock, 5 available.
High speed and industrial grade USB 2.0 Hub designed to meet the requirements of high transmission performance and large current supply. Mainly used to install into a cabinet or cart. Very popular used in school, hospital and public security system etc. It's safe, convenient and fast.
Part# U230PHUB5V
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4 Port USB 2.0 Industrial Metal DIN Rail Mount Hub w/Power Adapter

Limited stock, 4 available.
GearMo USB 2.0 4 port hub with all mounting hardware including Din Rail, Bracket, and Screws for your application. The USB 2.0 hub includes the 12V 2A power adapter for high power consuming USB devices.
Part# GM-HU24-PS
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USB 2.0 7 Port Rugged Metal DIN Rail Mount Hub w/Power Adapter

In Stock & ready to ship.
Rugged USB 2.0 hub includes an optional 9-24V power jack receptacle for power hungry devices. It also includes separate 3-wire terminal block power connector for use with DIN-Rail mounting operations. The GearMo industrial Hub includes 15KV ESD protection, Power input surge protection of 600W each port.
Part# GM-HU27-PS
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USB 3.0 4 Port Industrial Din Rail Mount Hub w/Power Adapter

In Stock & ready to ship.
USB 3.0 DIN Rail mountable 4 port hub with a rugged metal chassis includes both DIN-Rail clip, mounting brackets, and power adapter. The USB 3.0 Hub is supported by Windows 10 operating system or earlier, and Mac OS x and Linux.
Part# GM-HU34-PS
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USB 3.0 7 Port Din Rail Mountable Hub Metal Chassis with Power Adapter

In Stock & ready to ship.
GearMo USB 3.0 7 port hub with a rugged metal chassis includes DIN-Rail clip, mounting brackets, and a power adapter. A great small form factor USB 3.0 Hub! Works with Windows 10 or earlier and Mac OS X or Linux.
Part# GM-HU37-PS
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USB OTG Cable 5 Inch

In Stock & ready to ship.
USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable 5 inches long with USB-A Female to Micro-B connectors, a host cable for your tablet computer, use it with your USB mice, keyboard, serial adapters and other devices.
Part# CG-OTG-7H
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USB 2.0 USB Extender to 100m with 4 Port Hub

Limited stock, please call or email for status.
Not close enough to your printer or scanner? Extend the length of your USB signal and data transmission up to 100 meters with our USB 2.0 Extender. The USB extender is also a 4 port USB hub so you can connect more than one device up to 100m away.
Part# CG-4PU2EXT
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16 Port USB 2.0 Charging Hub - Charge and Sync Tablets and Smartphones

Limited stock, 1 available.
Charge and sync battery intense iPads, tablets, and smart phones in multiple places that need a charge and sync device. Great for Schools and office environments. With included rack mounting brackets, it installs easily into a standard 1U 19 inch rack.
Part# CM-16U2HUBC
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6ft. RS232 Female Null Modem Cable with USB Micro-B Host Connector

Limited stock, please call or email for status.
RS232 female to USB 2.0 Micro-B cable 6ft. long. Connects to a USB Micro-B host such as a tablet for RS232 crossover communication.
Part# CM-232NMCBL